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Why do you need Instagram Sign

A customer’s database is the most important thing in business. The Instagram Sign will help you to gather all of your customers in one place for further information on discounts, promotional events, new product releases and other changes taking place in your business.

This Insta Sign is a shortcut to your official Instagram business page, accessible in one click. It allows customers to subscribe immediately to your website and follow news, promotions and special offers.

What is the Instagram Scan-Sign?

A trendy solution to complement your interior design and bring in new customers – a unique instrument to boost customer loyalty through Instagram.

How does it work?


It is enough to
open Instagram


Aim the camera
at the tag


And that's it! Your client
is following you

Customers instantly scan the tag and
subscribe in one click to your page!

Where to place the Instagram Sign?


The Insta Scan-Sign can be hung on the front door so customers can scan the tag and go to your Instagram page, even if you are closed for business.


It can be hung in your partners'offices. If you share a customer base with other businesses, you can arrange them to display your Insta Sign. This way your business partners' customers could become your subscribers and clients.


At the exit of your office or studio – as a reminder to customers who are not yet subscribers to your Instagram webpage, the Insta Scan-Sign will prompt them to subscribe.


In the waiting or service area where it can be easily seen while customers are waiting for their turn.


The Insta Scan-Sign can be used as a sign or placed next to the main business sign. It can also be hung on an office building.


On a mirror in a beauty salon.

Why you should order with us?

  • We treat each order responsibly, monitoring quality control at all stages of production.
  • Manual production of each individual sign ensures the highest quality.
  • We are using acrylic materials and our company offers product warranties.

Why do you need to direct customers
to your Instagram page?


Doing business through social networks such as Instagram promotes gathering a large audience of potential clients.


Every business relies on regular customers and needs a constant unobtrusive branding reminder. Instagram is a global platform where your clients frequently visit.


Through Instgram posts, your clients will always be aware of promotions, new products and celebrity appearances. All this elevates you in the eyes of customers, helping you promote your brand.

The Insta Sign is a scanner sign for your Instagram webpage. By installing an Insta Sign in your office, establishment or beauty salon, your customers will be able to scan it in one simple click and subscribe to your webpage. It will also complement your interior design while attracting new customers.

Who will benefit from Insta Sign?

The Insta Sign is a unique tool for building customer loyalty through Instagram. In the past you had to spell the account name and show your profile. With the Insta Sign you no longer have to do that. If you find your business in the below list, then you should definitely consider purchasing our signage. This will be a 100 % working advertising tool for you. Let's go!

All categories of stores and showrooms.

Men's/Women's Clothing, Footwear,
Toys, Game Stores, Electronics and Technology.

The beauty industry

Clinics, Cosmetology, Beauty Shops/Parlours, Spas, Sugar Waxing,
Make Up Artists Studios, etc.


Dental Offices and Clinics, Elective Surgery Clinics.

HoReCa business segment

Hotels and Hostels, Restaurants, Catering Companies, Cafes, Bakeries,
Coffee Shops, Hookah Lounges, etc.

Travel and Sports

Travel Agencies, Sport Clubs, Child Care Centers.

The list is endless since Instagram is an essential platform for any business.
Those who have already ordered can testify about the benefits of our Insta Signs.

Instagram signage distinguishes your business from the competition, attracts attention and allows customers to subscribe to your page in seconds! The price list for our Insta Signs can be found on our website. We can manufacture Insta Scan-Signs in various sizes, colors and designs while taking into account your wishes and needs. We make the signs in-house and guarantee the highest quality.

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